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Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Children

Looking for something constructive for your child to do this summer? Learning how to play a musical instrument such as a guitar could be an awesome idea. As children are fast learners, starting them on an instrument as intricate as the guitar early on will help them to develop skills that go well beyond the music room. Not only will they learn how to master the instrument at a faster pace than an adult might, but it can help change the makeup of their entire academic experience.

Taking guitar lessons can be a fun, exciting, experience for your children, and here’s a closer look at why.

Learning the Guitar Teaches Discipline

Discipline is obviously a skill that will need to be mastered to navigate through life, and learning it early on will be advantageous. The guitar is a complex yet interesting instrument that takes a lot of hard work and dedication to master. What’s great about allowing your child to learn the art of discipline through music lessons is that they’re enjoying themselves which often makes it easier to comprehend. As your child practices new chords, reads new music, and essentially learns new songs, they get an early understanding of how hard work can pay off.

Improved Memory

Children who play the guitar can experience improved behavior and memory. When learning a musical instrument, the left side of the brain becomes engaged. This portion of the brain can essentially help your child to remember things a lot easier than a child their age that has not played an instrument. This is often a reason why music therapy options are offered to the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia as an option for improving memory.

Enhances Their Creativity

Once your child has learned a few guitar basics, they’re able to explore further and tap into their creative side. Whether they end up trying to create their own songs or improvisation, they are eager to play more when they’re able to explore and create melodies.

Teamwork and Social Skills

While your child may currently be a social butterfly, as they get older, making friends and building social connections becomes more difficult. Allowing them to partake in guitar lessons with a group of their peers lets them learn how to work together with others to create one sound.

Better Math Performance

If your child has a particular issue with math, utilizing math programs was likely the best course of action. However, you could also let them pick up a guitar and watch how it improves their abilities to compute math problems. There have been several studies about the connection between music and math. Such research implies that since the mind processes music the same cortical regions as they do when trying to master math.

Improves Coordination

To conquer a musical instrument like the guitar, your child will have to learn good hand-eye coordination, which will take time to develop. As they learn to read guitar music and simultaneously convert what they’ve read into specific motor patterns, they will improve coordination which can make multi-tasking easier across the board.

Boosts Their Confidence

The right guitar teacher will help their students to develop small goals in music. Learning how to read sheet music, then playing line by line, until eventually they can master an entire song. The feeling your children will receive from that accomplishment is unreal and will help them to feel great about who they are and what they can achieve if they put their minds to it. As you know, confidence and high self-esteem are important factors to various aspects of life.

Sharpens Concentration

There’s a lot going on when you’re playing the guitar. Students will have to learn how to do a multitude of things simultaneously from reading music, finger placement, pitch, rhythm, and more. The more they practice, the more they concentrate.

Creative Expression

Once your child learns how to play the guitar and various chords, it becomes easier for them to let loose and express themselves creatively. Playing tunes that allude to what they’re feeling inside can be a rewarding therapeutic release.

It’s Fun

Last, but not least, playing the guitar is a lot of fun. Though there will be learning curves as they get the hang of the basics, the idea of setting goals, achieving them, and making great music among a group of their peers is awesome and a heck of a lot of fun.

As you can see, there are a lot of lessons in playing a musical instrument, many of which can be utilized to improve their performance in school and life in general. If you think playing the guitar might be something your kids are interested in, the summer time is a great time of year to allow them to test the waters and experience the fun. 


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