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Big Book of Where – 801 Facts Kids Want to Know

Time Home Entertainment Inc. and the editors of TIME For Kids present a new book in its popular “Big Book” series, which answers the questions that kids commonly ask about the world around them, but adults can rarely answer. Big Book of Where (Time Home Entertainment Inc.; May 21, 2013; $19.95) goes on sale today and is available at and retailers nationwide.

Have you ever wondered where electricity comes from? Or where you can find the most poisonous snake? This 192-page book, for kids 8 to 12 years old, has the answers to these questions and many more kids may never have thought to ask.

In 10 chapters, which include The Oceans and Space, among others, readers will travel away from the comforts of home and jump into the seven continents, take a dive deep under the sea and venture out into the solar system. Along the way, they’ll discover some surprising facts about different customs, sports, history, and animals from around the world.

Colorful, easy-to-read maps, spectacular, eye-popping photos and clear, engaging diagrams make the book come to life and help answer questions such as:

– Where is the tallest mountain?

– Where did the Olympics begin?

– Where is the Petrified Forest?

– Where are diamonds found?

– Where was the hamburger invented?

– Where does spam go after you delete it?

– And much more!

“Big Book of Where was the natural fit for the next title in the highly successful TIME For Kids Big Book’ series,” said Bob Der, Editorial Director, TIME For Kids. “This book takes children on a worldwide expedition, which is not only educational, but captivating and fun.”

TIME For Kids’ Big Book of Where is the perfect addition to every family’s bookshelf.

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