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Shop Spotlight: Biographie Jewelry

Biographie Jewelry, based in Denver, Colorado, was created to bring an exclusive collection of fashion fine jewelry to women like you who want relaxed, understated, affordable luxury.

Their design director Jenny Sharpe is a graduate of The London College Of Fashion and Biographie jewelry has been featured in Vogue, Tatler, GQ, The Times, Marie Claire, DailyCandy, and many more. Their designs have been worn on the red carpet in Hollywood, on TV shows and in movies. I love that their jewelry is handmade in the US with genuine gems, solid gold, gold vermeil and sterling silver. The one of a kind and limited edition nature of our designs ensures that nobody else is wearing the same piece. They are particularly known for their Opal jewelry but I was excited to view their entire collection on their website:

I was immediately drawn to the turquoise jewelry.

I was excited to hear from Jenny and of course, I asked to feature one of her beautiful Turquoise rings on the site, since I found out that it’s actually my birthstone. WHO KNEW.

IMG_7678 (Priime Bounty)

Biographie Jewelry really speaks to me. Their pieces are unique. I love the solid turquoise rings. Believe it or not, it’s quite rare to find a solid turquoise ring these days as most turquoise is ground up into a powder and bonded back together to make a gem or beads.

The gems are 100% natural which I love.

She was so kind and generous, she also offered one of her rings up for a giveaway which we are currently hosting on our instagram page. Go enter now!

This ring is up for grabs:
IMG_7682 (Priime Bounty)

IMG_7675 (Priime Bounty)

IMG_7672 (Priime Bounty)

Bonus: Use *coupon code* LOVE for 20% off at

If you’d like, follow Biographie Jewelry on social media:

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