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Current Obsession: Crystal Candles from South River Candle Co.

Love these crystal candles from South River Candle Co! The Crystal Collection Candles are available with the following genuine crystals: Tiger Eye, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Rose Quarts, Citrine & Bloodstone. Combining candles with crystals helps release the crystal’s properties and energies.

Each candle comes with crystals’s description and use information. Fragrances are blended with essential oils. 80hr burn time.

The crystals in their Crystal Collection energy candles have been carefully placed near the top of our candles allowing them to be visible every time you burn your candle. Combining energy crystals with candles helps release and enhance the stone’s properties. Enjoy the relaxing aromatics while surrounding yourself with the warmth of the crystal’s energy.

IMG_7691 (Priime Leather)


Clarity energy candle has a fragrance blend of Bourbon, Mandarin and Musk. Aquamarine Crystal is a gentle energy enhancing clarity of the mind. Calming fears and worry. It releases anger, brings fearlessness, luck and protection.

IMG_7694 (Priime Leather)


Love energy candle has a fragrance blend of white tea, warm woods and ginger. Rose Quartz Crystal opens the heart to attract love, peace and compassion. It creates harmony in relationships.

IMG_7695 (Priime Leather)


Calming energy candle has a fragrance blend of lemon, lavender and vanilla. Amethyst Crystal bestows stability, strength, contentment and inner peace. It rids your home and body of negative energy while attracting positive energies.

IMG_7699 (Priime Leather)


Happiness energy candle has a fragrance blend of orange, basil and musk. Citrine Crystal provides happiness, courage, hope and warmth. It enhances self esteem and creativity. Powerful cleansing and revitalizing stone that awakens the mind, body and soul.

IMG_7698 (Priime Leather)


Prosperity energy candle has a fragrance blend of patchouli, sandalwood and cedar. Tiger Eye brings prosperity often in the form or money. It boosts personal power and attracts good luck.

IMG_7697 (Priime Leather)


Strength energy candle has a fragrance blend Bergamot, Tobacco and Ylang. Bloodstone Crystal is excellent for bringing out inner strength, sense of determination. It aids in regaining personal power, over coming lethargy while increasing drive, negative thoughts and self doubts.

IMG_7696 (Priime Leather)

The strength candle is my absolute most favorite. It smells amazing. I love the mix of bergamot, tobacco and ylang.

These candles are available for retail and wholesale at & select retailers.

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