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5 Spring Candles That Smell Good

1. Fresh Lilac Lidded Soy Jar Candle from Target

Link: // $7.99

2. Drenched Apple Flower by Bath & Body Works (4oz)

Link: Bath & Body Works // $9.50

Crisp Fuji apples blend deliciously with rain-soaked greens and pink lotus blossom.

3. Poppy Sunshine by Bath & Body Works (4oz)

Link: Bath & Body Works // $9.50

A luscious burst of red poppies on a sunny day, with sparkling lemon, sweet red raspberry and a touch of white musk.

4. Coco Lobo by Bath & Body Works (14.5oz)

Link: Bath & Body Works // $19.50

A delightful mix of coconut milk, papaya nectar and passionfruit with macadamia nuts and sugarcane.

5. Meyer Lemon by Yankee Candle

Link: Yankee Candle // $10.99

A bright and sunny citrus. . . perfectly ripe, with a naturally sweet and refreshing scent.

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