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Beauty 411: It’s not a 9, It’s a 10!

Beauty 411 is a series we started to highlight our favorite beauty products and DIY beauty experiments. You can view all of our beauty posts here.

Today’s Beauty 411 is all about It’s a 10! We are highlighting the new PLUS Keratin Collection.

There is the Miracle Shampoo plus keratin, the Miracle Deep Conditioner plus keratin, Miracle Oil plus keratin and the Miracle Leave In plus keratin. These products will work wonders on your hair. The leave-in conditioner is my favorite and with the new plus keratin line, you can really feel a difference in your hair.

Here are a few facts about these products:

Sulfate free
Sodium chloride free
Paraben free
Keratin protein infused
Prevents breakage
Preserves hair color
Restores elasticity
Protects from sun damage
Locks out humidity
Protects from thermal styling

It’s very rare to find a haircare line of products you love, but with this line it’s not hard to have new favorite products.

A few weeks ago, I was at the drugstore and a woman turns to me and says “excuse me, do you know anything about this product?” which just happened to be the leave-in conditioner from It’s a 10. I told her that it was in fact one of my favorite products by them and I use it daily. She mentioned that it was a little pricey but a friend had told her she needed to buy it pronto.

I explained that I’ve gone through many different leave-in products and this was one of my favs. She bought it and I can imagine she will continue to do so for a long time.

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