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Fashion Alert! Maternity Wardrobe for Every Phase of Pregnancy

Expecting mothers can now dress in their dream designer maternity wardrobe for a fraction of the price with the help of Fashion Forward Maternity. Access to designer maternity duds for every phase of pregnancy is now easy, affordable and FUN, thanks to a simple online rental process, starting at just $12.50 per piece.

Here are some suggestions for looking and feeling your best during every phase of pregnancy, from first trimester to nursing.

First Trimester:

As you’re beginning to show at the end of your first trimester, tops that are a little roomier will make you feel more comfortable. This Chiffon Floral Print Tunic by Crave is light and airy, and gives you just a little more room as your body begins to change. Tummy Tuck Crop Leggings by Maternal America are great during your first trimester. They are comfortable and supportive and go great with a longer top or tunic such as the Tunic Blouse by Japanese Weekend.

Second Trimester:

During your second trimester most women are beginning to show and those favorite jeans are no longer quite as comfortable and probably don’t quite button! It’s time to find some stylish options for pants and skirts that give your belly room to grow. Crop Shorts by Lilac offer a stylish, casual alternative. The Twill Pleated Skirt by Maternal America is perfect for a day at the office. And a few great tops to match like the Janae Top by Lilac.

If you have a wedding or other special occasion to attend this spring or summer you’ll probably need a maternity dress but will still want to be in style! There are some great options, like the Color Block Dress by Olian, the Kylie Multi-Way Dress by Seraphine, and the Tulle Banded V-Neck Dress by Maternal America.

Third Trimester

During your third trimester you’re definitely fully in to maternity wear. You may want a special dress or two for your baby shower and other special occasions, plenty of comfortable tops.


The convenience and comfort of good nursing tops and dresses make all the difference in keeping you and your baby happy during this special time. Whether you go back to work and continue to pump or you are at home with your baby and nursing, you’ll feel beautiful and comfortable with this special nursing wear.

2X1 Ribbed Nursing Tank by 1 in the Oven, sleeveless Tummy Tuck Nursing Top by Maternal America and Criss Cross Swimsuit by Annee Matthew.

A cover up during nursing is also always great to have on hand, like this Nursing Scarf by Maternal America that adds a great pop of color to your outfit and provides discrete coverage whenever and wherever you need to nurse your baby!

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