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A Wittle Surprise from Wittlebee

Amazing Clothes. No Malls.

Clothes Shopping? Nah. Leave it up to Wittlebee and enjoy great things each month.

Sometimes, you just gotta leave this kind of stuff to the ones offering to help. $39 a month for a box full of goodies and items that can be mixed and matched? Yes please.

How It Works:

Fill Out Your Style Profile

Just tell us a wittle bit about yourself and how you dress your kid. This information is used to create your custom box.

Signup and Talk to Our Stylists

Complete your membership and first payment. One of our expert kid stylists will call or email to confirm your order and answer any questions you may have.

Receive Your First Box

Your customized box of clothes arrives at your door in about two weeks. Every box contains about $100 in retail value of clothes. You’ll receive a new box of clothes every month. You can pause or cancel your membership anytime.

When our first box arrived, my daughter was SO excited. All the clothes??? For her? Hand picked? Oh my! Where do we begin?

Cute, right? Paul Frank? Cute polka dot skirt. They knew just what she’d like.

Here are a few other style selections examples:

This should give you a general idea of what to expect if you choose these personalities when filling out your child’s style profile. Just remember that every box is unique and customized to fit your needs, so each box will be different!

Pricing: Membership $ 39.99 per month / Pause or cancel anytime. Click here to get $10 off your first order!

Thanks Wittlebee for letting us try out our first month. We are so excited to continue with you.

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