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Tech Talk: iFrogz Animatones

iFrogz has announced a new line of child-friendly earbuds and headphones featuring playful, animal-inspired designs that are perfect for any child, and provide audio limiting protection for young, developing ears.

Both versions include built-in volume governors to prevent sounds from being turned louder than 85 decibels – approximately the volume of a telephone dial tone. Also, the Animatones headphones and earbuds come in three bright colors – red, blue and green – and feature a corresponding animal print, such as a ladybug, snail and turtle.

The Animatone line features child-friendly designs, and animal-inspired images in a variety of bright colors including blue, red and green. Both versions of these first Animatone audio accessories feature built-in volume boundaries to prevent the sound from being turned louder than 85 decibels, which is equivalent to the level of an average telephone dial tone.

“We are very excited about the launch of the Animatone line as a new category for us to offer creative product solutions. Not only will kids love the colors and styling, but the volume control will be important to their parents,” said Kent Wuthrich, executive vice president of marketing for ZAGG Inc, which manufactures and markets iFrogz products. “Kids now have the freedom to enjoy their own pair of earbuds or headphones, and parents will have peace of mind to know their children’s ears are safe and sound.”

The Animatone earbuds retail for $19.99 and the headphones retail for $24.99. The Animatone line is available online at and at Best Buy locations nationwide.

iFrogz creates digital audio and mobile phone accessories for the iPod , iPhone , iPad and other consumer electronics. iFrogz specializes in creative, value-priced lifestyle mobile accessories. Its products include headphones, earbuds, cases, and portable speakers. iFrogz is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZAGG Inc.

Learn about iFrogz and its products at

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