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Umi Children’s Shoes Winner

*** This Giveaway is closed.***

The winner is #17, Katherine:

Katherine said:
Did both! I had never heard of these shoes before today. It would be great to win a pair. Thanks

Congrats and thank you to all who have entered!

Have you ever heard of Umi Children’s Shoes? If not, let me show you what you’ve been missing!

Umi shoes are specially designed for the littlest and hardest working feet in mind. From years and years of hand crafting shoes for babies, boys and girls they’ve developed a deep understanding of materials, patterns, footbedsthe building blocks of creating the most comfortable shoes around. And it shows. Umi shoes are super comfortable and adorable. My daughter is a big fan of the Lauren style. We aren’t the only fans, however… take a look at some people you may know… sporting the Umi brand.

Now, here’s the good stuff… Umi shoes has offered to give away one free pair of shoes to your kiddo! We ask that you click over to like them on facebook & sign up for their newsletter that is on their website (bottom right) for updated news and information! It’s as simple as that. Once you’ve done that, come back here and let us know by leaving a comment. Winner will be picked on Friday, April 22nd.

We love Umi shoes and are super excited to share this with you! Don’t forget to tell your friends… and if you haven’t, you can find us on twitter & facebook where we announce giveaways, winners and the latest blog posts.


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  • Jamie Davis

    Did both :)

  • shannon o

    Done and done…these shoes are great!! <3

  • Terra

    Done!! What cute little shoes <3

  • Lori B

    Liked & signed up for newsletter! Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you very much! :)

  • Alicia

    Did both! Great giveaway!

  • angela goff

    done and done! :)

  • Beth Burns


  • Sarah Z

    Done! whoop!!

  • Ellen

    Just “liked” on FB and signed up for newsletter. Great giveaway, thanks!

  • Melinda Sheets

    Done and Done…I love those shoes but with having triplets sometimes buying a set of three shoes can be a bit pricey but always well worth it in the end!!!

  • Anna Mura

    Did ’em both! Such cute shoes!


    Mission Complete! They are flippin adorable!!! I love seeing my little boy sporting reminds me how much he is growing up.

  • DJ

    Both done! Those shoes are adorable, I hope I win!

  • danielle gamble

    I just found out about this wonderful site!!! glad to be here :)

  • Veronica Gummo

    I did both. New shoes are always great, especially at the rate these kiddos grow!


    Done!! Such cute shoes!

  • Katherine

    Did both! I had never heard of these shoes before today. It would be great to win a pair. Thanks

    • Jess

      Congrats! You were the winner. I just sent you an e-mail.

      • Katherine

        Thank you so much. I have replied to the e-mail. Please let me know if you don’t receive it. Thanks again.

  • Emily C

    Did Both!!
    es1237 at gmail dot com
    Emily C

  • Megan Gallt

    Done & Done :) These woudl be awesome to win :) Landon ahs been needing a new pair of shoes!

  • debra willis

    I signed up for emails, and I also LIKED UMI’s Facebook page. I would love to win those cute little shoes for my handsome little grandson. There’s nothing like being a grandparent!!

  • Lisa B

    I did both :) Thank you!

  • Andrea vaughan

    It wouldn’t post my name on my last comment, so I will comment again :)

  • Tamera

    Perfect time to win a pair of shoes, and they are so adorable!

  • Steph Boushee

    I did both! Very cute shoes! :-)

  • Scully T

    OMG I love them! I just looked through all their stuff, its so cute!! I also liked them and signed up for the newsletter :)