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Mamanu Vintage Kid’s Clothing

This giveaway has ended. Please see winner’s details below.

Aloha! I’m about to let you in on a not so little secret. Here in the islands we have something very special, very unique and very adorable. I’m talking about Mamanu Kids Clothing.

Handmade in Hawaii, Mamanu’s vintage inspired organic kid’s clothing is the only way to hit the beach this summer. Deck your kids out in one of these wildly popular conductor hats or an adorable throwback bonnet (both reversible and washable) and you’ll not only shade them from the sun but do so in style.

Created by island living mama Anna out of a need to match her daughters style with her own fun and vintage flair, Mamanu Kids was born. Mamanu is a small scale production, each item is handmade with it’s own unique charm. All items are created from soft organic cotton in fun, vintage inspired prints made to make you feel as if you’ve jumped back into a more colorful and stylish version of your grandparent’s beach days.

Hats, bonnets, playsuits, shorts, overalls, bloomers, leisure pants and 2-piece outfits, Mamanu has been popping up all over the islands and are the latest rage in beach comfort and style. After running into Anna at a baby expo and admiring her impeccable work I knew that my son Harper needed some of these adorable pieces!

With his sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and sun kissed skin this boy lives and breathes the beach and now he does it while wearing Mamanu. Both of us love his Mamanu print shorts; they are lightweight, soft and covered in bicycles…a boys dream!

Think you can handle a bit more cuteness? These overalls literally melt me faster than a popsicle on a June summer’s day. There is just something about a toddler in overalls, a toddler in Mamanu overalls that brings the “aww” factor to an extreme. Again, the soft, organic and lightweight material make these overalls the perfect outfit for a beach day or run around the park.

Love what you see so far? Head on over to Mamanu’s Etsy store and enjoy 10% off your order by using code moderndaymom! The aloha doesn’t stop there…Mamanu will also be giving away a FREE hat to one of our Modern Day Mom’s readers!

The Mamanu Giveaway is closed and the winner if comment #11:

“I LOVE this one:

Please contact [email protected] to claim your prize!


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  • Modern Day Moms

    Heather – These pictures are absolutely adorable. His hair…. that blonde! Ahh, I die. ps. These clothes are so so cute.

  • Courtney

    I absolutely LOVE the conductor hats! My favorite is the gray one with the white elephants on it. Elephants have always been my favorite animal and I am so happy that my little boy loves them as well!

  • Courtney

    Also, I liked mamanu on facebook! :)

  • Staci A

    I love the Little Conductor Chapeau with the gray and white elephants!

  • Staci A

    I’m a FB fan. Thanks!

  • Janet W.

    The conductor hat (aster-soar) is my favorite!

  • Janet W.

    I checked out their website and I adore the Out at sea Organic Screen Print Tee.

  • Janet W.

    I like Mamanu on facebook – Janet Watson

  • Jessica

    I love the “spokes” design hat. So cute! It’d be perfect for my daughter to wear for her first trip to Hawaii in November :)

  • lynn b

    I love the conducter hat with whales!

  • Janet W.

    I have fallen in love with those conductor hats! I REALLY want to win!
    (daily entry 6/26)

  • Courtney

    The blue conductor hats with the whales on them are too cute. My little ones eyes would definitely stand out with this particular hat!

  • Janet W.

    I really want to win! All of the fabric choices are adorable. The bike fabric is perfect for the summer!
    (daily entry 6/27)

  • Courtney

    I love all of the hats and would LOVE to be able to win one!

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