“Green Thumbs: Growing Bell Peppers”

In keeping with my green thumbs posts, a few weeks ago I mentioned how I got started with gardening and the outcome of my massive garden.

This week I wanted to mention how my bell peppers got started. I didn’t buy seeds and I didn’t buy the plants. I was given a bell pepper to make stir fry. Now I have 15+ bell pepper plants in my garden. See the row of small little green plants in the front of my jalapenos? Yep, that’s them and they are actually doubled in size from when this photo was taken. Let me explain…

You won’t have much luck planting from a vegetable or fruit that has been refrigerated. As a matter of fact, it simply won’t work. I had this one that was given to me, sitting out in my fruit stand. I cut the pepper as usual, shaking off the seeds onto a paper plate.

I then just let the paper plate sit out in my kitchen, out of reach, for about a week. The seeds dried out, which is good. I did this purely to see if it would work… I didn’t follow any instructions.

A week later, I went outside and made a line in the dirt about 1/2 inch deep. I planted the seeds about 1-2 inches apart and covered them up. Of course, right after I planted them, it rained for about 3 days straight. I didn’t think anything of it until 2 weeks later, not only are the plants there… 15 or more of them, but they are in a wavy line.. I assume the rain pushed some of the seeds around.. but they are there, a (curvy) row of bell pepper plants. I’m going to have a lot of peppers I think.

Where I planted them in the garden is sort of shady. It’s underneath a huge tree and this is where I planted most of my peppers. It gets sun but it’s not full sun.

So there you go. Next time you use some peppers in your meal, save the seeds… dry them out and plant them!



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