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Apple Park – 100% Certified Organic Pajamas for Babies and Children

Earth-friendly certified organic cotton is soft and safe for sleeping!

Say “Good Night” to the chemicals in off-gassing, polyester with Apple Park’s 100% certified organic collection of pajamas. Protecting children and preserving the environment are two threads that are woven into every Apple Park product, and the new pajama collection is no exception.

In sizes 6-12 months up to 10 kids, the OE100 certified organic pajamas feature Apple Park’s five loveable Picnic Pals along with premium features for little ones: long sleeves, all-over prints, elastic waist bands, snug fit, and finely ribbed crewnecks and cuffs. The soft and safe cotton is produced with as little environmental impact as possible. Apple Park chooses the finest organic suppliers who have certified farms.

Did you know that a pound of cotton takes 1/3 pound of chemicals before harvest? So regular children’s pajamas are manufactured with flame retardant chemicals after fabrication, AND they are infused with 1/3 pound of chemicals before the cotton was even picked. This is a great concern when it comes to the health of children and the preservation of the planet. Apple Park is committed to using certified organic, sustainable and recycled materials in all products from toys to pajamas.

About Apple Park

Apple Park designs and manufactures eco-friendly and luxurious products for babies and children using only the finest organic, sustainable and recycled materials.

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