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Tea Collection Kids Clothes

I love me some cute clothes. I’m a sucker for them, actually. So naturally, when I came across the website for Tea Collection, I just drooled.

Tea is a company based out of San Francisco that designs children’s clothes that are more than just cute. They are inspired by the different cultures of the world. They’ve had clothes inspired by Norway, West Africa, Japan, Brazil and many more countries. This year’s Fall Collection is inspired by Modern Mexico, and could not be more charming.

The boy’s shirts this fall have fun Mexican influences, like a Lucha Libre wrestler, a Mariachi Band, and a Day of the Dead Skeletal Mask. For girls….oh, the girls clothes. (I WISH I had a little girl to dress in these clothes) Who wouldn’t want a cute Yoke dress with a Mexican pottery inspired print? Or a beautiful Poncho? I love this Boxy Foral top, too.

They also make wonderful Pants and Jammies along with all the accesories you need to finish the perfect outfit.

Miles looks so stylin’ in his Daytripper Jeans! Oh my, how we love these jeans. Not only are they hip, the quality is perfection. Thick and sturdy, they come in a nice dark color and have a great fit. They are straight leg/slim jeans and have awesome big back pockets to help your boy (little or big) LOOK like they have a little sagging going on and keep up with today’s fashion. We think they are very “Bieber-esque” :)

The Adi s Bicicleta Tee is by far Miles’s new favorite shirt.

As soon as we took it out of the box, Miles screamed “BIKE!!!” He likes the bike, I love the cute “adi s, amigos” saying on it. Another great quality piece of clothing, it has the layered look without the layers, which is great where I live in California. It gets chilly here in the Fall/Winter, but never cold enough for multiple layers. PERFECT for fall!

My Husband and I have taken a fancy to the Hombres Henley. What a great shirt. I absolutely adore the look of a henley on a boy, so when I took this shirt out of it’s packaging I was over the moon at how cute it is! It is even cuter in person than it is online! Made with 3/4 sleeves, this shirt is great for fall, and you can add a hoodie underneath for warmth in Winter. I love the colors, and even the little extras, like the one orange button amidst the white buttons make it unique. My husband is crazy about this shirt, and in his words “I don’t even have a shirt that cool…I wish they made it in my size!”

They DO have a women’s line too! The womens clothes are Simple and stylish, and look so comfortable! Looking at their women’s line makes me want to go on a vacation and sit in a hammock reading all day.

We love the clothes we have from Tea, and think you will too!

Want to save a little at the checkout?? Subscribe to Tea’s newsletter (at the bottom of each page) and recieve 10% off your first purchase! We love a good deal!

**Thank you to Tea Collection for sending some samples to review. All opinions are strictly my own.

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  • Jasmine

    The most AMAZING jeans ever!!! Such cute clothing! Thank you for introducing me to their line.

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