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Kidoodle Apps: Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure

Kidoodle Apps makes art activity books and apps for kids that are especially designed for the new generation of touchable gadgets like the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom and others. These apps engage your child’s imagination and help to exercise those creative skills in fun and magical ways!

We had one of our mom friends Suzette, try out the app with her 4 year old and 2 year old girls. Suzette says:

My girls love to color, draw and doodle, especially 4yo Nikki. She loves pirate stuff as well. It was really easy for her to figure out and I think she liked how interactive it was. She figured out how to save and e-mail her pictures on her own! Nikki was even doing “pirate talk” while drawing “arg!” 2yo Laney needed a little help getting started but I think it was easy enough for her to use as well. I would probably recommend it for ages 3-8. The only cons were the price for only a few sheets to draw on and that it wasn’t very educational. Usually if I purchase an app for the girls, I like them to learn something like patterns, numbers, reading, etc. I don’t usually buy apps for more than $1.99 unless it has a lot of features and options. All in all it was very fun for them. It would probably be great for a long trip or Dr. Office visit.

Here are some screen shots from her girls!

Nikki’s Pirates!

Laney’s Whale

Your child will scribble their way to treasure with Oscar & Josephine and a crew of bumbling, delightful pirates! Your child’s imagination completes the story.

Every page is a place for your child’s imagination to flourish – and for their doodles to come to life! Dancing pirates, rocking ships, and more – surprises with your child’s doodles in the center stage!

Kidoodle Apps let your child save their doodles and start again for endless fun on each page. When they are finished, they can email you in one tap so you can share in the fun!

Get it in the appstore for $3.99!
Find out more information about this app!

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  • Hi jessica and Suzette , thanks so much for the thoughtful review and awesome suggestions! we are working hard to make more pages that people will get in free updates, and we are also planning a promotional price weekend coming up where the app will be half-off!

    • Jessica

      What a great deal! Thank you.

  • Kidoodle Apps

    thanks so much for sharing this with your community! we really aimed to make an app that let’s kids have fun being creative and imaginative – they are so good at that already, we want to help them keep it!

  • Jasmine

    What a cool app! Will have to download this!

  • karen

    Oh, my son will love this: big pirate phase :)

  • Modern Day Moms

    Welcome!!! Thank you!

  • Brett

    Did your kids just use their fingers, or do you have stylus?

    • Jessica

      No stylus. Just fingers.

  • kids are naturals at using their fingers, especially on the iPad but we do have some styli coming! we have sourced some from manufacturer and done tests to find the ones that draw the best (the iPad and other capacitive screen devices require special conductive materials to work as styli). My son loves using both with Pirate Scribblebeard, but the stylus gives a little bit more accuracy.

    I’ll let you know when we get some in stock.

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