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Find Local Playgrounds with the Playgrounds! App

Sick of the same old park? Maybe you want to try out some new playgrounds each month? Now it’s easier to find local playgrounds in your area with the Playgrounds! iPhone App!

Now you can find playgrounds in your area, rate them, make playdates, check-in, and more with the Playgrounds! mobile application from Parents Magazine and KaBOOM!


  • Available for FREE from iTunes for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • The app uses your smart phone’s GPS or a zip code to locate playgrounds near you.
  • You can plan playground play dates and share them with friends!
  • Rate the playground, leave a comment, or share pictures for other visitors to see.
  • Become a fan of your favorite playgrounds and share with your social networks.
  • Find age-appropriate playground activities for your kids and read fun playground trivia.

You can download it from iTunes here

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  • Emily

    Cool idea! Downloading this one for sure!

    • Blahdie

      It’s a great app that we use all the time. Thanks for helping to share the great news!

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