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“Tech Talk: Blinkbuggy”

These days, anyone with a smartphone has more pictures than they know what to do with, and parents are especially guilty of this – how many kid pictures can one phone possibly carry? We have shots of the first tooth and video of the first steps, but also loads of adorable moments (sledding, cuddling, dress up) that get lost on our phones, forgotten among all the apps and emails. Does anyone actually print out pictures and share them anymore?

Screen Shot first sledding of season

Blinkbuggy is a new site and app that organizes your digital memories, photos, artwork, quotes, letters into one easy-to-use virtual baby book. For the Facebook averse, you can safely share the pictures with family around the world or print out the pictures into a beautiful baby book or greeting cards, or just save the pictures to share with your kids when they’re older. Check out a sample page here. Blinkbuggy was started by a NYC mom of two and former Google employee, Emma Weisberg, who started an email account to email letters, pictures and notes to her kids, and then set out to make something better.



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