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Family Halloween Ideas that are Easy to Pull Off

Halloween is coming up and if you’re anything like me, you want to do a family-themed Halloween costume. It’s always fun dressing up and being festive at the holidays, but when the whole family can do it together it’s even better! Sometimes it’s not easy to find costumes that work for everyone or a theme that is suited for everyone. However, there are some very easy Do-it-yourself costumes you can make for the whole family!

If you’re family busts your chops like mine, this is a great costume idea!


Nutcracker Family

The Nutcracker is a big deal this year with Disney coming out with its own version of it! So make your family beautiful ballerinas, sugar plum fairies, soldiers and the Nutcracker himself, of course! It’s the perfect Segway into the Christmas or Winter season as well. The materials for these costumes will be found in your closets or a very cheap thrift store. (In the event you have little time to thrift shift; Amazon carries most of these products). Here are the simple ways to bring this masterpiece to your neighborhood:

The Rat King

All you’ll need

  1. King Cape & Crown (Blanket and Burger King Crown for a real budget shopper)
  2. Mouse Hate & Nose (Less than $10 on Amazon if you’re in a hurry)
  3. Play Sword
  4. Grey Shirt & Grey Leggings

The Ballerina


How to Get Started!

  1. Leotard Tutu
  2. Tights
  3. Ballet Slippers
  4. Crown Comb
  5. Bun Maker
  6. Glitter Hairspray

The Nutcracker

Easy two-step costume for a good sport

  1. Nutcracker Shirt
  2. Soldier Hat (both can be found on Amazon)

The future is now with this next family costume idea!



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