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Willa Naturals: Start Young, Stay Young

Christy Prunier and her daughter, Willa, are pleased to announce willa , a new line of natural skincare products specifically designed to address the needs of girls.

“The best way to keep skin healthy is to start young. Up to 80 percent of lasting sun damage happens before the age of 18,” Prunier says. “Like so many Moms, I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to undo damage I did to my skin when I was younger. But there aren’t natural and great products girls are excited to use and their beautiful skin will only stay that way if they start taking care of it actually take ownership of it right now.”

Prunier, who has battled skincare issues her entire life, consulted with a dermatologist and worked with chemists at leading laboratories for more than three years to develop the 17-launch products for willa . She and Willa also spent time in focus groups with girls to understand what would excite them to make smart skincare habits a part of their daily routines.

A former senior executive at feature film company Phoenix Pictures in Los Angeles, Prunier was inspired to developwilla three years ago when she was giving Willa, then seven, a bath. “I was washing her with the same soap I used on her little sister when Willa said, Why do I have to use babyish products? Isn’t there something for girl’s like me?'”

willa rejects the chemicals, petroleum residues and dyes used in many skincare brands and provides products that girls love and Moms trust. “We understood willa must be both effective and natural,” Prunier said. “But we also understood even the most effective products won’t work if they sit on a shelf un-used. Most girls don’t like to wash, moisturize or use sunscreen because they don’t like the way these products feel. They complain formulations are often too heavy, irritate their skin or have scents that are well, too grown-up. So willa products had to be so great girls would change their behavior and make healthy skincare a lifestyle choice.

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For the aspirational look of the brand, Prunier worked with former fashion designer Francesca Michels to come up with a chic and whimsical design using environmentally conscious packaging. The scents of willa products are inspired by places Prunier and Willa love: the ocean breeze off the coast of Maine and jasmine trees in Santa Monica where Willa was born.

willa natural skincare products are available in 300 select TARGET U.S. stores nationwide, Harrods London, Henri Bendels NYC, JCREW’s CREWCUTS,, and willaskincare. com with items priced between $7.50 and $17.50.

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