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Family Halloween Ideas that are Easy to Pull Off

Robot Fam

Are you into robots? Is your little one really into outer space or the future of droids? Then a family of robots is the perfect theme for your Halloween costumes! Plus, robots are very simple to do. That saves you time and makes your whole family happy.

You’ll need cardboard boxes (look for the firmest and least bent ones), a hot glue gun and a ton of glue, colored paint (wall paint from Home Depot works, small box (for the robot lights), elastic (this will be for the upper thigh pieces and the arms), washers, window screen, black clothes( for under the costume) and battery operated LED lights.

First, let’s talk girl robot costume. I wanted her to look girly so I tried to give her some curves with her busty top piece and then her skirt. These two pieces were a lot of fun. Now, to make the curved bust you will want to bend the cardboard along the grain of the cardboard. That way it is easy to bend and seamless. With the bust, you want to make the front and back FIRST then shape the sides based on how you want the shape.

Now, the skirt was pretty easy, simply cut out one triangle shape, make sure the grain is horizontal. Next, bend the top 3-4 inches (this will rest on your waist). Then, make 5-6 pieces (contingent on how wide they are), tape ONLY the inside so that they can fold easily at the crease. Repeat this action until your skirt fits around you. Now, add a few extra pieces of velcro for the back. Also, be sure the sharp edges are taped down on the tube arms.

Now onto the boy robot costume. For the diaper piece, you are going to want to make the diaper like the diagram below. Make the main piece with long extended sides. This gives you the freedom to mold it and make it work for anybody. You could also use some underwear as a sort of guide to cut out some of the shapes. Remember, it’s always better to cut things out bigger and adjust! Especially with the diaper, it’s easy to cut bigger curves or cut down the size so it fits.

The baby bot costume was super easy and very comfy and soft. You can use a giant piece of foam, cut arm holes out, wrap it in fabric and then add accessories around it that match all the other robots. Then, use extra tubing for the legs. Be sure to tape off the sharp edges of the tubing with duct tape to ensure they don’t cut the baby. Now, in order to secure the back; puncture small holes in the foam and use thin pieces of fabric as a string. Next, tie it shut in the back. Don’t forget to decorate the robot costumes with levers and valves using paper and colored markers.

This next costume won’t be hard to distinguish & the clothes won’t be hard to find!



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