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Summer Grilling Tips & the Hard Rock Fiesta Burger Recipe

Below are some grilling tips to help you create favorites like the Fiesta Burger at your next pool-side party:

Prep beforehand
form your burger patties, cut vegetables and make dips and sauces before guests arrive

For the best bun, use a fresh bun and lightly butter it before toasting on the grill

Start with a high quality meat and get creative by using fresh vegetables and good cheeses as toppings, like the Hard Rock Fiesta Burger

Hard Rock Fiesta Burger
o 8 oz. Beef Burger

o 1 tsp Seasoning Salt

o 2 Tbsp. Jalapeno Salsa

o 2 slices Monterey Jack Cheese

o Hamburger Bun

o 1 Tbsp. Fresh Guacamole

o 1 Tbsp. Pico de Gallo

o 2 leaves Iceberg Lettuce

o 1 slice Tomato

Shake half of seasoning on burger and place season side down on broiler, shake remaining seasoning over burger. Cook to desired temperature. After cooking, spread jalapeno salsa over the patty and place cheese slices. Top with iceberg lettuce, tomato, guacamole and pico de gallo.

The grill should be in the 550 degree range to sear meat well – the time it takes to cook will depend on the temperature of the grill and thickness of the burger

You can flip the burger a few times, but no more than three. Don’t press the burger to make it cook faster because you want the juices to seal in

Make sure there’s enough food for you and some friends! Enjoy!

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