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Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

You can make these spring-inspired bird’s nest cupcakes in no time. They look way more complicated than they actually are. I started the actual instructions for just the decorative icing so you’ll want to have cupcakes and icings all ready beforehand.


 For these cupcakes you’ll need the following.


Green Icing 

Chocolate Icing

Candy eggs-I found chocolate ones 

Piping bag-if you don’t have one plastic sandwich bags will do just fine

Icing tip #233



Step 1- Cut the zip part off the top of the plastic bags and a small bit off the corner for your icing tip.

Fill your first bag with green icing. If you have 2 icing tips you can fill the chocolate icing now too if not you can just finish the green icing then rinse it and repeat the same when its time for the chocolate. Twist the top so your icing has a nice place to hang out.


Step 2- Ice your cupcakes pressing slightly then lifting up to make little peaks at the top. You’ll just go around the outer edge then inside that and repeat until you complete the whole top.


If you have any empty spaces or it looks uneven you can choose to go over the spots you don’t love or you can leave it. You want to imitate grass and no grass is really perfect, and in my opinion I think these look better not so “perfect”


Step 3- Get your chocolate icing bag ready then in one continuous motion make a circle that takes up about half the top. 


These also don’t have to be perfect because they are mimicking birds nests so if you don’t love it you can go over it.



Step 4 Take your eggs and nestle them into their nests.


And you’re done! Cute fast cupcakes that can be made for Easter or really just because its Spring!

Amanda R.

I spend all of my time being a domestic engineer. I am lucky enough to stay home but am busy raising (almost) 3 littles and a husband, which isn’t easy. I am an art school graduate who loves to, during the free time I do have, sew, craft with my littles, bake and garden.



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