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DIY Bunny Onesie/Shirt

All you need for this quick project is a few items you may already have around the house. To me this is the best kind of DIY.

Supplies you will need:

Shirt or Onesie


Image of your choice-since it’s Easter time I did a bunny but almost any shape will work

Contact paper-I like the white kind but the clear kind will work as well

Fabric spray


Step 1- Trace your image onto your contact paper. Make sure to have a bit around the edge since this will be the area that covers your garment when you spray.


Step 2- Cut out your traced image


Step 3- Very carefully peel off your backing and place where you want it on your shirt


I usually place a piece of cardboard in between my layers so the ink doesn’t bleed through-any kind of cereal box will do perfectly.


Step 4- Make sure to have your remaining fabric covered so the spray will not accidentally get where it shouldn’t be. I had enough space that I was able to fold my garment underneath itself.


Step 5- Take yourself somewhere you can spray your fabric spray freely and not have to worry about if it accidentally goes too far. Spray in your image making sure to cover the whole area evenly making sure to check the edges.


Step 6- Wait the time that your particular spray suggests then carefully peel your contact paper off your garment-BE CAREFUL your paint may be dry on the garment and wet on the contact paper still. 


Amanda R.

I spend all of my time being a domestic engineer. I am lucky enough to stay home but am busy raising (almost) 3 littles and a husband, which isn’t easy. I am an art school graduate who loves to, during the free time I do have, sew, craft with my littles, bake and garden.



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