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DIY Crafts: All-Aboard The Party Craft Boat

Welcome to our DIY Crafts series! DIY Crafts is focused on crafts that we have done, crafts that we will do and crafts that others have done that we feel deserve the “Craft Spotlight”. We invite you to check back often as we share these projects with you. You can view all of the DIY Crafts by visiting our DIY and Arts & Crafts section.

Looking for some innovative crafts to do with the kids this summer that entails a little more than the regular noodle necklaces? The experts at the Foundary will be featuring how-to-crafts for kids throughout the summer that will not only entertain, but also serve as decorative party favors and fun home d cor pieces for their rooms.

“Nautical themes are a perennial facet of summertime, but this year they show up in the variety of nautical stripe prints in navy, red, grey and coral. We are also seeing bold graphical prints of maritime motifs such as anchors and ship’s wheels. In the home, nautical lanterns and accents with antique boat hardware and rope or ship line complete a seaside theme.” – Krystin Marsh, Photo Stylist for the Foundary

This boat can be an afternoon project at home, sailed down a stream, or made and used as a party favor.

The Party Craft Boat

Let’s get started…. Here’s the how-to:

Begin with a square piece of paper, any size.

To make a square, fold paper diagonally and cut off the excess paper.

To make the boat, begin by folding one of the folded points inward toward the other side at a slight angle. The tip of the point you are folding will be the top of the boat.

Open the square back up and do a reverse’ fold to create the sides of the boat.

Your ship is set for sailing!

Additional Ideas:

Embellish and personalize you boat with glitter, markers, or stickers.
Name your ship.
Tie or staple a string to the bow and let your child sail it around the house.
Make a fleet for party decorations or your child’s room.

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