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“DIY Holiday Jars for the Fourth of July”

The pool is great and camps are fun, but on rainy days when you can’t play outside, what about some inexpensive crafts that keep kids happy and even help decorate the home?

The best part: One of the key craft ingredients – Epsom salt – can help a parent enjoy a relaxing soak after everyone falls asleep. :)

Many craft experts use Epsom salt for a variety of projects. You can see more details on the Epsom Salt Council’s website (, but here’s the recipe for one suggestion:

Festive Holiday Jars for the Fourth of July

  • Materials: Mason style jar, white craft glue, Epsom salt, glossy acrylic paint (we recommend the colors red, white and blue)
  • Pour the Epsom salt in a dish. Using the glue, draw a star on the jar. Press the star into the dish of salt while the glue is still wet. Carefully remove the jar and gently wipe away any excess glue.
  • Let dry overnight.
  • Paint the jar using two coats of paint if needed. Dry overnight. Fill with fun napkins, straws and utensils to dress up your celebration.


Photo Source: Crafts by Amanda



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