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Boosting Morale in the Office

Countless movies and TV shows poke fun at the supposed drudgery of working in an office cubicle all day, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Employees looking to improve their workers’ morale can turn a dreary office space into an energetic, cheerful one with just a few simple tips and tricks. A lighter atmosphere can turn the entire workplace around and give everyone a boost in productivity. Here are some ideas on how to brighten up the office.

1. Stock the Kitchen

Every office needs a place for employees to relax when they need a quick break. You can turn the office kitchen into an ideal place to do that. Providing free coffee and healthy snacks like yogurt or nuts can give your employees an energy boost and make them feel more comfortable in the workplace. Some companies worry that this will encourage employees to not work as hard, but most of the time all they need is a quick breather and they’re back to work.

2. Decorate With Plants

Not only do plants brighten up a room by being visually appealing, but they can also positively effect office health. Decorating an office space with plenty of greenery helps to remove toxins from the air and make the whole room look and feel fresher. Businesses like Gaddys Indoor Plant Hire realize this and actually rent out plants for other businesses to hire for just this purpose.

3. Schedule Off-Site Events

If all an employee ever does with their work colleagues is sit in a cubicle all day, they may come to associate their job with drudgery and stress. Employers can counteract this a little bit by scheduling the occasional off-site work event, like company picnics or Saturday paintball games. That way, whenever they think about the company, they have several fun, relaxing memories of their time there. This also shows that you as an employer are willing to go out of your way to keep your employees happy.

4. Acknowledge Good Work

One of the biggest complaints in any workplace is when people feel they don’t get any recognition when they do a good job. While you don’t have to hold every worker’s hand and coddle them, it’s good company policy to publicly acknowledge good work. This makes employees feel seen and valued, and as a result they will work harder and feel happier. Consider a leaderboard wall for most productive employees or gift cards for those who meet their quota every month.

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