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Breastfeeding Basics Part 6

When I was in college we had a coffee table full of nonsense books for easy entertainment. In that stack of books was a lovely little flip through Kama Sutra guide complete with pictures and positions. Sadly, my college days are long gone and my coffee table book of ahem positions are of a less exciting variety.

That’s right ladies Kama Sutra has now been replaced with The Nursing Mother’s Companion by Kathleen Huggins. What I love most about this book is the detailed descriptions and illustrations of different nursing positions.

I thought Kama Sutra took the cake for most wacky positions possible until I started nursing.Ever heard of the Australian position, the saddle, hover, football, or reverse clutch…I could go on and on?

One of the things I’ve had to learn throughout the nursing process is to just go with it. Whatever, however and whenever my son decides to chow down is how we get business done. We’ve gone through the checklist of “standard” nursing positions and even dipped into some more of the wacky ones, heck I think we’ve even created some of our own!

Here is a simple guide to some of the more basic positions.

However you decide to nurse you should set the stage for comfort, both for yourself and baby. When I first started nursing I used the My Brestfriend nursing pillow and absolutely loved it. This specific nursing pillow has a lot more structure to it than most. My Brestfriend offers great back support and even gives your arms a little break as it props the baby up to a comfortable height.

Check out this great video from My Brestfriend that covers the evolution of breastfeeding pillow support and the importance of a quality product:

If you are nursing or know of a mama in need of some breastfeeding comfort I highly recommend running out and getting one of these great nursing pillows.

* I was not compensated in any way for this review. I received a My Brestfriend pillow from a friend as a baby shower gift and absolutely love it *


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  • Emily

    I too loved MyBrestfriend! I felt like it positioned bebe way better than the other pillows. I’ll have to check out the positions in that book for the next bebe!!!

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