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“Buddha Balm”

My Preschooler loves make-up, unfortunately. She will stare at me while I apply my chapstick & blush and say “Can I have some too?”. I’m always pretty hesitant about it because half the time, the chapstick will end up more in her mouth than on her lips. It was always something I took into consideration and most of the time, it was a deal breaker. I don’t want chapstick that has words I can’t pronounce as the ingredients… to end up in her mouth.

Then, I discovered Buddha Balm. Please listen when I say, this is the best chapstick ever! Not only is it flavorable. It’s preservative, petroleum and paraben-free. SWEET! They come in 4 flavors… Mandarin Orange Ginger (my husband’s favorite), Burnt Sugar Fig (daughter’s favorite, smells like cupcakes), Crushed Mint Pineapple & Lychee Pomegranate (my fav). You can view their website at to purchase these…