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“Kideos for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch”

“Mom, you have to check this out! This orange sounds really really funny!” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google “annoying orange”. Don’t even get me started on the “barney” videos on youtube. Is it really barney when they show him laying in a pool of blood? The stuff people put on the internet.. right?

How my preschooler found the videos on YouTube, I have no idea but she did. I wasn’t too thrilled. How in the heck did she figure out how to browse YouTube on my iPhone? Sigh.

I quickly placed restrictions on the phone to hide YouTube, and thought that there might be a better option, like only showing videos for kids. After some googling, I found the app for iPhones, etc called Kideos. It’s basically Kid friendly YouTube videos put in different categories by age, etc.

Perfect! If you let your little one play with one of your idevices while perusing the grocery store, open up the Kideos app and don’t stress.. It’s all fun.

Search for Kideos in the app store. Tell us what you think!



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