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Who says iPhones have all the fun?

5 Awesomely Kid-Friendly Android Apps That Are FREE!

As a working mom and student, I am very much addicted to my Droid. For those of you who have iPhones, you have a good idea of what I’m talking about (and yes, we know… your App Store is better than our Android Market). There is almost nothing that cannot be done from the palm of my hand these days, and sometimes that includes entertaining my little ones. Boring waiting rooms, the twice monthly “BIG” grocery shopping excursions and long car trips used to require a Busy Bag, complete with crayons, books and toys. While we will never abandon the Busy Bag forever, sometimes you have to travel light – for those times, I depend on a few good apps made for wee ones.
So stop envying the iPhone apps of the other ModernDayMoms — these featured apps have been tested by my darling 4 and 2 year olds and are all FREE on the Android market:

5. Slice it!

This app is great for math development, using your finger to cut figures into smaller, symmetrical shapes.

Download Slice It!

4. Mole! Mole!! Mole!!!

Classic whack-a-mole action tests reaction time and dexterity. While some may argue smacking moles back down into their holes isn’t the most wholesome of activities, we think its harmless pixilated fun.

Download Mole! Mole!! Mole!!!

3. Toddler Lock.

This app is great for the really little ones who have a tendency to smash buttons randomly until you find yourself calling internationally and sending gibberish emails to your boss. Upon opening, it “locks” your phone to one all black screen that responds to touch by popping up bright, colorful shapes.

Download Toddler Lock

2. ABCs.

Simple, easy, classic FLASHCARDS! This kid-friendly app can make any time school time and also comes in Colors and Shapes varieties.

Download ABCs

1. Angry Birds.

Yes, I said it. These slingshot loving birds are my 4 year-old’s best friends. At first, there will be a lot of finger flailing, but after some practice, your kid will be knocking the tar out of those evil little piggies!

Download Angry Birds (Yeah, like you don’t already have it?)

Honorable Mention: Kid Mode by Zoodles.

This app pulls games and videos from other sources in a safe, “locked in” zone where your curious little monster can’t accidentally surf the net. Featured sites include PBSkids and Nick Jr.

Download Kid Mode

Do you have the scoop on great apps? Did we forget your favorite? Want to brag about how your high-score? Tell us about it!


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  • ang

    Love my Droid. So happy I didn’t buy an iPhone. My kids love tom the cat app. More kid friendly apps welcome.

  • ScullyT

    I love Slice It!!

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