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3 Hot Must-Have Summer Apps That We Love

Check out these free apps to help plan summer activities, become closer with friends and family and simplify your everyday life.


About Path
The go-to lifestyle app for staying connected with friends and family. Path cuts through all the social network clutter by keeping content personal and relevant. Share moments (like thoughts, vacation photos, videos, and check-ins) with just your core group of friends, or cross-post to other networks like Facebook and Twitter, with a single tap. And with Path’s free private messaging, you can eliminate the need to pay for text messages and can send fun, expressive stickers to friends. Available on iOS and Android.

Brit + Co

Brit 1

About Brit + Co
Need a recipe for your friend’s BBQ today? Going on vacation and want to fit 10 stylish outfits into one suitcase? Hosting a pool party and need tips on decor? DIY your summer with the Brit + Co app from Brit Morin (available on iOS, Android and Windows). The app offers thousands of creative ideas that teach, inspire, and simplify your summer.



About Mailbox
The sizzling new email app that received over 1 million requests in just the first six weeks since launch. Organize your inbox on-the-go so you can focus on what’s important for the summer – like working on your tan. With Mailbox’s simple swipe features you can get to inbox zero in seconds and prevent email overload from messing with your summer. Available on iPhone and Gmail:

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