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The Prius v – a Prius you could actually fit into!

Like many people, I have spent the last 10 years eyeballing the Toyota Prius. At first, I laughed at them – there was no way this would catch on! Then, I marveled at them – how neat and quirky they were! More recently, I’ve boiled with envy as they flew past the gas pump while I plunked down all but my firstborn child in exchange for the diesel my car gobbled up like peanuts at a dive bar.


As an earth-friendly gal with a deep hatred of high gas prices, I’d all but convinced my husband to buy one back in 2005… and then I found out I was pregnant. Just like that, my Prius bubble popped. How would I fit a car seat in there? Not to mention all our stuff?! Just a quick trip to the grocery store would leave me, my husband and our two little girls in giant car seats crammed in like sardines!

Just when I thought I’d never get the hybrid of my dreams, I learned THERE’S STILL HOPE! I am pleased to announce that the Prius line is growing – to accommodate everything from a traveling family with pets to a big trip to Costco! This is, by far, the best news ever (ok, maybe not EVER, but bear with me). This fall, the Prius v (for “versatility”) will be born and this hybrid is made with young, active families in mind. Carrying on the Prius tradition of ridiculously great gas mileage, the v averages a 44 city and 40 highway for a combined 42MPG!

While still a manageable size, the v has 80% more cargo space than all small SUVs , making use of its foldable rear seats. This means I can cram ALL the beach gear (no more “Mooooom! You forgot my BIG bucket!”) or ALL the camping equipment into the back, without having to take our less than eco-friendly mid-size SUV on a long vacation!


Ready for the beach!

The Prius, despite is stature, is both safe AND reliable – 97% of all Prius models ever sold are still on the road today – making it a great choice for families. Safety features include airbags, the Star Safety System (stability, traction, brakes, and stuff), LATCH for carseats and a “vehicle proximity notification system” which basically alerts you if you’re about to hit (or be hit) by something!



The v will come in three builds:

  • v two – the base model, complete with standard features including EV/Eco/Power drive modes to maximize fuel economy, push button start, an umbrella holder, built-in Bluetooth hands-free phone controls and a 6.1-in touch screen that’s home to the audio, Entune (I’ll tell you about that in a sec) and navigation systems as well as the backup camera. That’s right, you read that correctly. All v’s come standard with a super convenient, sure to be used backup camera. I am the world’s worst parallel parker, so this will save me a ton of stress!
  • v three – the next step up, including a fancier touch screen media center and more efficient use of the standard model’s Entune system, which allows you to use certain popular apps like Bing , iheartradio,, Open Table and Pandora – you can also access traffic, weather, sports, stocks, news and gas prices. Super cool, without having to fumble around with your phone.


The media screen.

  • v five – the fancy-schmancy v! This one has 17 inch wheels with heated, fully adjustable seats, fog lamps, plus an optional “Technology Package” that comes with goodies like a rockin’ JBL sound system, Safety Connect (roadside assistance, stolen vehicle locator, etc.) and a panoramic moon roof. This ain’t yo’ Grandma’s moonroof… this this is EPIC! It spans the front AND back seats, making the interior super light and open or offering a full view of the stars!


The swanky moonroof!

  • no, there is no v four – I asked them where four went, but they told me they’d have to kill me…

Bottom line? The Prius v is great! I was lucky enough to be able to test it out on an excursion to San Juan Bautista and it was a smooth, quiet, awesome ride. I can’t wait for its fall launch so I can start begging my husband to buy me one!

You will be mine, Prius v...

Check out the new family of Prius(es?) at: and on Facebook!

*I was not compensated for this review… I’m just super excited for a family-sized Prius!*

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  • Jessica


    • Jess T.

      The clever video about plural words is super cute too… what the heck will they call them? Priuses? Priusi?

      • Jessica

        It’s totally cute! I like the beach stuff in the back!

  • Meg

    Awesome! I wanted to buy one five years ago when I was looking to buy and car (and was pregnant) and ruled it out too for the same reasons. Good to know that the hybrids now have more space for all the stuff we have and need. Hopefully by the time I’m ready to turn in my car, it will be just the right size for my family:)

  • Brittany B.

    that’s realy nice!!!

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