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To Fold or Not To Fold

That is the question. I have no problem washing clothes. As a matter of fact, I would be happy to wash clothes all day long. That’s not the issue. The issue is folding & putting away. This is my least favorite chore and one I would be happy not doing, ever.

I will be the first to admit, my clean clothes will stay in the baskets after they’ve been washed… for quite a while. Hey, I’m not giving numbers here, I know how you guys like to judge.

Image courtesy of our fabulous MDMs Editor, Jess T.

When mentioning the fact that I actually got some clothes put away tonight, not just put in baskets… I almost felt like cheering or doing a little dance. Why is it so hard to wash, fold & put away. All in the same day?

Are you a laundry slacker? If not, what are your tricks and tips to successfully put clothes away – within the week (or two) that they’ve been washed.

When mentioning my laundry issue today, here are some things I got in response:

“I had clean clothes sitting on my bedroom floor for 2 WEEKS. Okay, maybe it was 3 but seriously.. it was a long time.”

“Dude… I am ASHAMED to show you guys the laundry pile in my bedroom. I am ridiculously behind. But hey, at least it was clean, right?!”

“I always tell myself I need to hang up clothes right after I get them out of the dryer but I never do. They stay in the laundry baskets until I’m so beyond frustrated from not finding anything.”

So maybe I’m not the only one who hates laundry. Please tell me you dislike it too…

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  • Caitlin

    I’ll wash clothes all day long, and even fold them!

    …but putting them away? Well, making it upstairs is sometimes the farthest I get.

    • Jessica

      Oh Yeah, most of the time they stay downstairs… in baskets

  • Melinda via Facebook

    I so hate folding laundry! I don’t mind cleaning and drying it but it usually sets in the basket, or the dryer, or both for a few DAYS before I get it folded and put away. Don’t even get me started about socks! If there were such a thing as disposable socks I would so buy them! I have a whole basket dedicated to unmatched socks. If you need socks in this house 9 times out of 10 that’s where you go =)

    • Jessica

      Oh don’t get me started on socks!!

  • Danielle

    I loathe putting clothes away. I will wash, dry and neatly fold them and place them in the laundry basket on top of the dryer… and that is where they stay! lol

    • Jessica

      At least you fold!! Haha

    • Caitlin

      With you there Danielle!

  • via Facebook

    I am THE WORST laundry-putter-awayer EVER. I have come to terms with the fact that I will always have a “floordrobe.” – Jess T.

    • Jessica


  • Jasmine

    I can’t wait until my kids are old enough for chores because that’s what they will be doing. Haha =)

    • Jessica

      I had that SAME idea!

    • Kaydee

      My 6 year-old has sock duty, it usually takes him the better part of an hour to match and fold his and his brother’s but it’s one less thing for me to do (or usually not do) ha ha!

    • mary

      Me too!! Kids must grow up soon!

  • Leesa

    I have no issue at all with washing clothes..I will not fold.
    I hate putting them away.
    I will stare at the mountain I create by “laying the clothes flat” over and over again..and still not fold or put away.


  • Beth via Facebook

    ooooh all the little baby clothes and a daughter who changes 16x a day! Just can’t wait for more! ;/

  • Marla via Facebook

    I HATE it and rarely do it:) So glad I’m not alone.

  • Jessica

    So happy to know I’m not alone!!

  • Amber

    I, too, am a laundry slacker. I don’t mind DOING the laundry. I love freshly washed clothes. I’d just sooner pull it out of the dryer and put it on than take the 10 minutes required to fold and/or hang. I don’t understand my mental block over it, but it never fails.
    I am with you, darling.

  • Amber

    Also, Floordrobe is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time.

  • Anastacia via Facebook

    I HATE folding and putting away clothes! I thought I was the only one, or that I was just weird. Good to know I’m not!

  • via Facebook

    19 comments from others who hate it too. We love you all! haha

  • Marge

    I have a clean laundry ROOM. The spare room is a giant walk in explosion of clean clothes on all surfaces.

    By learning I am not alone, I feel a burden has been lifted. That burden, unfortunately, is not those piles of clothes.

    • Jess T.

      HA! Aw man, as long as the laundry room itself is clean, right? Take pleasure in even your smallest accomplishments… or something. ;)

  • Stephanie E.

    I’m so excited to hear i’m not alone. Far from it, it seems.
    I hate laundry. side from being tedious, it throws my whole cleaning schedule out of whack. And it makes me sweat, pulling those hot clothes out. So I leave them there until “they’re cooler” or “i’m not so busy”, which of course means until I decide to wear them. Lol.

  • Megan via Facebook

    I hate laundry!!! I taught my 3 year old how to sort her laundry and put it away. I don’t care if it isn’t folded correctly in her room as long as its put away by someone other than me:)

  • Kaydee

    I loathe the thought of laundry, mostly because I fractured my foot for the 2nd time in 3 years in March. Then a week ago I dislocated my knee and tore the ligaments and tendons all around it. And to top it off we live in an upstairs apartment! But I have 2 active boys and the laundry must go on… I lay out everything that needs to be hung up (I hate folding so I hang a lot) that way if it sits there for a few days (or weeks hee hee hee) nothing is wrinkled and needs an iron. Because that’s a whole different issue! HA

  • via Facebook

    My daughter has colored knobs on the dresser so I have taught her “pink is for pants” “the yellow is for your pajamas” and she remembers! Now I am okay with telling her “put this in the drawer with the pink flowers” haha!

  • mary

    I’m happy I’m not alone in my struggles with the chore from hell!

  • Pamela via Facebook

    Oh thanks for the ideas! My son isn’t old enough yet (he prefers to pull it all out) but when he is I like the colored knob idea!

  • Heather via Facebook

    I thoroughly hate folding laundry, with every fiber of my being!

  • Megan via Facebook

    I love that idea! I’ll have to do that for my son

  • Anastasia Borisyuk

    I am such a laundry slacker! My husband is lucky if he has a clean pair of socks and underwear in his drawer, otherwise he digs through the laundry basket – or worse, the dryer. I just never get to the folding part (well, maybe a couple of times a month). :)

  • Stephanie via Facebook

    And I never got to comment!!?….i have 8 kids,u can imagine how much I dispise it lol!

  • via Facebook

    When I told him I wasn’t the only one, my Hubby rolled his eyes and said “oh, man! There’s more like you out there?! That’s terrible!” LOL!

  • Faith

    I’ll fold your laundry, if you will do all my dishes…

    • Jessica

      It’s a deal, Faith!

  • Brittany B.

    i don’t mind actually throwing the load in..and folding..i don’t mind folding..but yea..putting it away..that’s hard. I don’t mind putting my sons clothes away.. but mine and my husbands..just harder for some reason.

  • Modern Day Moms

    Laundry in small amounts. Easier to maintain.

  • Stacey Chaffee

    I’ve taught my kids how to fold and put away their own clothes. It cuts down on what I have to do and makes it less of a chore. My 6 year old cooperates well enough but it is sometimes a struggle with my 4 yr old. Good Luck!

  • Modern Day Moms

    Stacey – My 4yo definitely knows where her clothes go in her dresser. She loves putting them where they go once I’ve brought the basket upstairs and help her sort it. – Jessica

  • Momma Bear

    I stopped bothering with folding laundry, I don’t even have a dresser in my room, just wire cubes from Walmart. So when Im done with laundry I sort my shirts by fancy, casual and flimsy. and just put them in the cubes in a way I can see the color/pattern and grab what I want to wear. by doing this I actually found I can fit way more clothes in the cubes, same goes with drawers, more clothes fit in ANY space if you don’t fold them. of course stuff that I don’t want to be wrinkled will be hung up, but honestly I only by clothes that won’t wrinkle. It saves time and space, and in a family of four women…if I had to fold ALL the clothes it would be endless…

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