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Tech Talk Father’s Day: House of Marley Rise Up Headphones


House of Marley Rise Up Headphones from RedEnvelope // $149.95

These headphones are the perfect fathers day gift for a self proclaimed audiophile. Upon first inspection I was mostly impressed by the stylish and sleek look of these phones. With a reclaimed hemp and organic cotton mixed with fibers of recycled RPET, and durable canvas, bamboo fiber, recyclable aluminum, and minimal recycled plastic I was just in awe of these things.

The cool grey and brown color that I got really downplayed some of the more flashy and obnoxious headphones I have seen. The headphones also include a three button controller, and tangle free fabric cord with microphone, which is especially important to someone that takes all their phone calls from headphones. The fit of these phones were so perfect that they could easily be mistaken for a custom pair molded exactly to my head and ear.

The sound is perfect. Listening to a wide range of music, some headphones can either leave out the necessary bass tone, or maximize it so much that it makes jamming some tunes pleasurably an impossible task. They cancel out any outside noise, without making my ears feel like they are overloaded with sound. They also came stock with a nice canvas case to make traveling easy without the worry of a tangled cord getting stuck and ruining the headphones. These are well worth every penny, and eco friendly to boot. The rise up-over the ear-headphones have a nice crisp quality for all genre of music. It has the best of any headphone I’ve tried.

The tones are in the right place, and seem to lend themselves perfectly to any genre of music. The best part is I can feel good knowing these stylish headphones leave a small footprint ecologically but also outshine many mass produced and over advertised headphones. Even better yet is they seem to do so rather humbly, because headphones this nice don’t need the advertisements.

Check out RedEnvelope for awesome Father’s Day gift ideas like these headphones!

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