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Can Someone Just Give a Big Thumbs Up To Everyday Gym Clothes?

Jeans are literally a pain in my backside. They take me from a mood of being on cloud nine to six feet under all within the time it takes to pull up a zipper. There’s just something about them that makes me want to tear them off, but not in one of those super attractive, slow-motion movie scene ways. But more relatable to Jess, from the TV series, New Girl type of way. I just immediately imagine myself frantically struggling to get them off until I can slip my way into someone much more comfortable. I don’t know, maybe wearing leggings for so long killed it for me. Or maybe I just haven’t found my perfect pair of jeans yet. There was one time I thought I found some lucky winners, but they tore apart a few months later and I never could find the right fit again. Whoops. Needless to say, I think I have jumped straight onto the sweatpants, sportswear, yoga pants lover train, and I’m not backing down. Same with those busy and hot summer days, hello running shorts! Once I met what that freedom was like, I just haven’t been able to turn back. Even on the weeks that I’m feeling pretty good and may be replaced some hefty breakfast burritos with some killer green smoothies, and my hips slide right into them. I will experience a few moments of jean wearing bliss, then instantly want to switch into something stretchy. Can anyone else relate?

I used to tell myself I would always be one of those really cute mom’s who has magazine cover clothes, with really good hair and always look put together. I swore I would never show up to school drop off wearing a pair of sweats. But here I am, rocking my hand-me-down pair of running shorts like there’s no tomorrow. And you know what? I totally dig it. Comfort equals happy in my books. And happy equals pure beauty. And I know I don’t stand alone with that. I completely admire the moms who still look great in a daily pair of jeans and also find the time to get all dolled up. You inspire me. You’re a bunch of babes. Keep on rocking it. But, yay if I was to ever end up on the cover of a magazine, it would be for Soccer Mom’s Untie, or something similar. The funny thing is, my kids don’t even play soccer, nor do I have a soccer mom van. I can’t even kick a soccer ball myself without tripping over it. I just sport the clothes, apparently. But then again, wouldn’t it be nice though, if we could kick this image? If we could take the negative tone tossed at soccer mom clothes and mom jeans… you know which ones I’m talking about and just switched it to something a bit more upbeat. Let’s just toss all of it into one big pile of laundry and let everyone slip on what makes them happy.

Something that has caught my attention though, which I must say is a big plus in the world of motherhood… it’s much more common to walk around in yoga pants and gym clothes every day rather than getting totally put together. I must say that I actually appreciate this factor. But if you think about it, it’s actually a little more fitting after all. I mean, we are pretty much running around the entire day, so why not make ourselves that much more comfortable while we are doing so? Not to mention, if you have a baby or toddler, you’re basically doing 1,000 or more squats a day. And no one wants to rip their favorite pair of jeans… like someone I know. So, if I have any say in it, I think we should get the full on, styrofoam, neon colored finger to give us the thumbs up. Thumbs up to your gym clothes, yoga pants, running shorts, whatever gets you through each day as comfortable as possible. Not to mention, when you do get a little time to get full on ready, you’ll have an extra pep in your step. One, from all those baby tending squats and Two, because it’s been awhile. It’s like you’re saving the good stuff for a rainy day while keeping your comfort and sanity levels at bay on a daily basis. Now in no way am I saying that we go straight into Moo-Moo status…those things are on another level. But if that’s your thing, it’s whatever knocks your socks off. So knock those socks off, mama. I’ll be rooting for you.



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