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Careers That Can Work For Moms

Being a mom can certainly be a fulfilling vocation. There’s nothing like watching your kids grow and the thrill that comes with seeing them become more independent. While motherhood may be a perfectly satisfying situation for some moms, others are eager to get back into their careers—to feel the thrill that comes from developing professionally and being great at what you do. Others are eager to get back to work for the financial stability working brings.

Working and being a mom is never a piece of cake, but there are some careers that are particularly suited to the needs of working women. Below you’ll find the details of careers that offer flexibility and benefits useful for the mom at work.


  • Why It’s Great: Nurses make up the largest group of healthcare workers in the nation, and their skills are key for nearly every healthcare setting. The entire healthcare industry will be growing in the next few years, and because of this, employers will be looking to hire more nurses. To attract candidates, employers are offering family-friendly work schedules, childcare, and signup bonuses.  
  • Job Outlook: A 26% increase in positions and excellent job prospects are forecast by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  
  • Degrees & Education: RNs need at least an associate’s degree or diploma and a passing score on the national exam to earn their nursing license. Bachelor’s degrees afford more job opportunities. (Source: BLS-RNs)

Web Design

  • Why It’s Great: It’s no secret that the Internet is now king when it comes to publishing.  As more and more organizations switch over to the Internet for marketing and communication, more and more web designers will be needed to work on the layout and graphics of websites. About 1/3 of graphic web designers are self-employed. The high prevalence of self-employed workers in this field means you’ll be able to pursue a creative career and make your own schedule.
  • Job Outlook: For web designers in computer systems design and specialized design services, the job outlook is excellent. There is always competition in this creative field, but those specializing in web and interactive media will have an edge on others.
  • Degrees & Education: A bachelor’s degree in design is helpful for learning design skills and establishing a solid portfolio. (Source: BLS- Graphic Designers)

Paralegal/Legal Assistant

  • Why It’s Great: Paralegals and legal assistants do work in support of lawyers, such as investigating relevant legal cases and writing reports. This is an excellent field for moms because many people are able to enter the field with a bachelor’s degree and no previous experience; lawyers also hire paralegals temporarily during the busy season. If you’re looking to earn some extra cash but aren’t really back into “career building” mode yet, paralegal work can be useful for getting back in the game.
  • Job Outlook: An 18% increase in positions is predicted, which is slightly faster than average. Competition may be tough in some areas.
  • Degrees & Education: An associate’s degree in paralegal studies or a bachelor’s degree and a paralegal certificate are best for landing a job. Paralegal Certification has more information about becoming certified. (Source: BLS-Paralegals and Legal Assistants)

Product Design

  • Why It’s Great: Everything from the car you drive to that snazzy lip balm/lipstick combo you just bought are the work of industrial and product designers. If you have an eye for aesthetics and function, product design could be a great option for you. Many industrial designers work for themselves, or they work for design firms that hire them out to manufacturers as necessary. This work schedule is very flexible and great for mamas in charge of a few kiddos.
  • Job Outlook: A 10% increase in jobs is projected, which is about on par with the national average rate of job growth. Designers with computer-aided design skills will have the best options.
  • Degrees & Education: You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in a design related field to get started in product design. This degree will also help you build a professional portfolio. (Source: BLS- Industrial Designers)

Radiology Technologist/Technician

  • Why It’s Great: Perhaps you’re looking to go back to school part-time or through online learning while your kids are younger. Radiology can be a great option for those who are interested in changing careers or heading back to school, as most radiology technologist programs only take two years to complete. Those that want to attend school part-time can complete the program in a reasonable 3-4 year time span; graduates will be ready to work in a high-demand career.
  • Job Outlook: Faster than average job growth is expected for radiologic technicians, as the entire healthcare expands in the coming years.
  • Degrees & Education: An associate’s degree and certification are the most common routes for entering this career. Check out Radiology Technician for more educational information. (Source: BLS- Radiologic Technologists)

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