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Are you familiar with Chelsea Baby?

If you’re not, let me introduce you to the best pair of shoes that my son has ever owned.


AHH aren’t they the most adorable shoes you have ever seen?!? Seriously, people stop us all the time to comment on how cute these shoes are. Not only are they adorable but they are completely comfortable too. They are soft sole, ” Sensuede” shoes which are great for their developing feet. I love how Chelsea takes her creativity and thinks outside the box with all her pieces. They are truly one of a kind and a perfect accessory to any outfit.

Chelsea Baby was started by Chelsea Green who went to the Fashion Institute of Technology (My dream school)! She loves COLOR! Putting different patterns and textures together to hopefully introduce a fresh take on fashion to the childrens marketplace. All Chelsea Baby shoes are made out of Minneapolis, so USA made. Huge plus! These shoes have a cotton toe and sewn in Sensuede sole that is a first of its kind luxury, and made entirely of recycled fibers. Sensuede material is also GREEN in its entire milling process.

Another things that sets Chelsea Baby shoes from the rest is their snap on and off option. That’s right! Turn your shoe into a totally different looking shoe with different bouquets and bow ties. Here’s how it works:

1. Buy the shoe of your choice: More styles to choose from

2. Buy additional bouquets or bow-ties of your choice:

3. Snap which bouquet or bow-tie you want on for that outfit. It’s simple and adorable. You get more looks out of one pair of shoes. Plus, your Chelsea Baby shoe comes with a bow-tie or bouquet already on it.

4. The snap on bouquets aren’t just for shoes, you can also attach them to to Chelsea Baby headbands. Another reason I need to have a daughter.

I do have one compliant though.. the shoes only go up to a 6-12 month. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN HE OUTGROWS HIS PAIR? Probably cry and then BEG her to make them in a 12-18 month, or maybe even up to a 24 month. Now that would be fabulous!

All Chelsea Baby shoes are machine washable, just unsnap your bow-tie or bouquet and in the washer the shoes go. Awesome right? I love not having complicated items to clean. “All Chelsea Baby shoes are made of a Sensuede and Cotton combination. AND 100% MACHINE WASHABLE! Sensuede is easy to clean and care for, and is resistant to spills and stains. Most liquid spills “bead up” on the fabric’s surface, allowing the liquid to be blotted without leaving any residual stain. Simply SNAP OFF the Chelsea Baby Bouquets or Bow-Ties and toss in the wash! SO SIMPLE!”

They Are Friendly!
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Here is a picture of my son in his adorable Bucky Chelsea Baby shoes. Sorry for the quality of picture, he doesn’t like to sit still long enough for me to snap a picture. I will try and get a better picture this weekend, so stay tuned!

Disclaimer:I was provided a sample from Rachel Florio PR, but the opinions above are my own


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