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Grocery Guru from Walmart

Grocery Guru is a FREE mobile application that allows you to create customized grocery lists on your cell phone that you can then sync with your computer! You can watch the video on all the cool features of the Grocery Guru app and how it can help you get grocery shopping done in the most efficient way.

Grocery Guru is your ultimate shopping tool.

With Grocery Guru, you can:

– Create and manage lists at home and in-store with seamless syncing between your desktop and mobile phone.

– Share lists with friends and family when you need a little help getting them completed.

– Consult articles from their Gurus when you need some mealtime inspiration.

This is the way to get your grocery shopping done.

Want to see Grocery Guru in action? Check this out!

It’s not just an app though… you see, you can also access Grocery Guru online! Yes! They have recipes, advice and basically… anything you would need to help make meals a little bit easier for you. Easy meals? Yes please! One of my favorite articles that I found is “Add Fall Flavors to Ordinary Meals.” It gives you everything you would need to spice up your recipes with in-season fall ingredients. Featuring recipes and ideas from Knorr & Ragu, just to name a few, these articles will be very helpful in planning your weekly menu.

Another thing I love about the app is the personalized grocery lists…

The lists definitely come in handy while shopping, not to mention, you are saving paper.

You can find out more about Grocery Guru by visiting the page: You can also follow them on twitter @groceryguruapp.

Search Grocery Guru in the android market, apple appstore and on your blackberry!

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  • Stacey Chaffee

    I like how it sorts everything into shopping areas but the one I have now let’s me make more than just shopping lists. I also use it to keep bills organized :)

  • Leah Hennager

    I’m going to have to try this!!

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