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“Cocktail Corner: Grape Gatsby”

Welcome to Cocktail Corner! Here you will find new drink ideas… because every one needs a cocktail now and then. See all of our Cocktail Corner features here. You can also view our Wine Wednesday posts here.

Here is a delicious Moscato Cocktail by Debbie Anday, New York Mixologist:

Grape Gatsby Cocktail

.75 Lemon Juice
2 oz Plymouth Gin
2 Dashes Angostura Orange bitters
1 oz Jacob’s Creek Classic Moscato

Muddle 4 concord grapes with 6 tarragon leaves in .5 oz Honey Syrup. Build ingredients in a highball
glass and top with Jacob’s Creek Classic Moscato.

This cocktail features the delicious Jacob’s Creek Classic Moscato, which just so happens to be one of my favs.




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