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Did I Just Discover a Secret Game on my Samsung Phone?

Did I stumble across a secret game or is this widespread knowledge? See, I don’t know because I don’t keep up with technology that much but in case you didn’t know, I’m going to tell you.

My husband and I just recently upgraded to the S7. He had to downgrade from the Note 7, I know, so sad, but who wants to sleep next to a ticking time bomb? One of his friends showed him this cool game that you can only access by going through some secret channels on your phone. Okay, maybe not so secret but entertain me.

So what’s this game?? Remember Flappy Bird’s? Yeah, me neither but it’s like that but I’m going to call it Flappy Android. It’s fun, okay, more like addicting and a great way to kill time, and your battery too.

How do you get there you ask? Okay, first you need to go to settings and tap your gear.

Then select “About Device”


Multiple tap on “Android version” just keep fast tapping until the screen changes.


If you tapped enough this screen will pop up. Now I don’t know the magical rhyme or rhythm to this part but I just tap a lot with a mixture of holding my finger in the purple circle. Don’t give up, this is the last step!


I hope you had fun tapping because you’re going to need all that practice to play the game!




Amanda is a contributor for Modern Day Moms. Amanda is a stay at home mom of three kids, four if you count her husband. When she has spare time she can be found behind a camera (very amateur), getting crafty (thanks to Pinterest), or playing card/board games with her husband.



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