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DIY Game Night

Are You Ready to Play Some Games?

There are many fabulous game ideas that you can conjure up with your family, friends, and coworkers. Get your game face on, we’re about to explore the many exciting gaming options available.

1. Build an Imaginarium

Excuse me? Is that even a word? Here is a concept that is now firmly entrenched in the cultural zeitgeist of our time. An Imaginarium can be thought of as an all-encompassing world where your imagination runs rampant. That’s still rather vague to wrap your head around, so let’s narrow the focus a little more. Your Imaginarium could be constructed from a simple cardboard box. In it, you can place all sorts of innovative concepts that friends, and family would really enjoy.

Imaginariums can be thought of as an aquarium of imagination – it’s fluid, dynamic, ever evolving, and lots of fun. You can take this idea wherever you want. Perhaps your concept could be antigravity – with water flowing upwards and beds on the ceiling. Can you imagine the possibilities? This is a fun-filled imaginary adventure where you can draw pictures and stick them onto the walls of the cardboard box and have all sorts of crazy-cool fun with everyone.

2. Mini Golf at Home

Are you putting to save par? You will be if you get your own mini golf course set up. Okay this one’s a stretch, since most of us don’t have enough space in our homes for 18 rounds of golf, but there is a fun-filled variant that you can make quickly and easily. All you need to get started are a couple of magic markers, a few cardboard boxes, golf balls, paper flags, and putters. This is a great idea for everyone – young and old. You can even get the grandparents to join in if they really want to.

Cut arches into the cardboard box from the bottom – that’s where the golf ball needs to travel through for you to score a hole in one.

Mark each hole with a number and stick a flag on top of it for some fun.

Make sure every golfer in the house is wearing a party hat and get someone to keep score on the chalkboard, whiteboard, or piece of paper.

3. St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Games at Home

St. Patrick’s Day needs no introduction to the world. It’s a day of revelry par excellence. Why not get into the winning spirit by hosting a St. Patrick’s Day-themed bingo evening with family, friends and coworkers. Bingo is one of the world’s most popular social games.

In the UK, 90 ball bingo is a home favourite, but you can also host 75 ball bingo games, or 5 line bingo games – whatever your guests prefer. What do you need to host a bingo game? Surprisingly, not very much! If you’re hosting a 90 ball bingo game, follow these quick steps to get started:

Create a 10 x 9 grid with numbers 1-90 in each block (do not repeat numbers)

Using a pair of scissors, cut out each number and place them all into a basket

Print out a series of bingo cards for 90 ball bingo. Note that these cards must have a 9 x 3 format. Only 15 numbers between 1 – 90 are randomly included on each card. These cards are different to 75 ball bingo cards (5 x 5 grid with the centre square blacked out)

Get a designated bingo caller for the evening – or allow your guests to enjoy this honour.

Create a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day theme to get everybody in the mood, with lucky leprechauns, green top hats, 4-leaf clovers, and some cool beverages for everyone to enjoy.

4. Make your own checkers board

Fancy a game of checkers? What’s checkers? Okay let’s backtrack a little. It’s an umbrella term given to multiple board games. Many of these games have similar rules. Your goal is to jump over other player’s pieces removing them from the board so that you can win. The UK name for this game is draughts, and it plays by the same rules. You’re going to need a piece of wood, or a piece of cardboard to get started. Draw a grid using a black marker – that works best – with an 8 x 8 configuration.

Each block should preferably be white or black. Start at the top end of the board and create alternating colour configurations. On the next line, use a different colour to start, and continue all the way down the board. In no time at all, you will have your 64-piece checkers board ready for play. The top 3 lines are for one colour – red, white or black, and the bottom three lines of the board are for the opposing player and must be in a different colour – either red, white, or black. You can use plastic discs for your pieces, or you can have cutouts marked with the initial of the player’s name. Each player gets 12 pieces. Now you’re ready to play checkers!

There you have it fans! 4 exciting games that you can create at home. Lots of fun is waiting to be had. Now all you need to do is send out the invitations!

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