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DIY Heart & Punctuation Throw Pillows

March is National Craft Month, and unfortunately, 72% of children age 8 and under will miss it. This young, and shockingly high percentage of children have already used an iPad, iPhone or similar touch-screen device to play games, watch videos or use other apps and the average amount of time children spend using these devices has tripled since 2011, according to a survey conducted by Common Sense Media. With such a large amount of children in the U.S. using electronic devices for education and entertainment, the developmental and bonding advantages that come from family oriented, hands on craft projects have been lost.

Take a pause from your hectic, technology driven lives this month and celebrate National Craft Month with Rowenta, the leading manufacturer in high-quality garment care, by engaging in hands on craft projects the whole family can enjoy and learn from.

Below, we decided to feature a project from Rowenta’s resident DIY Expert, Jenni Radosevich, which can be done as a family using one of Rowenta’s many steam irons.

DIY Heart & Punctuation Throw Pillows

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 6.48.52 PM

What you need

Rowenta First Class Travel Iron

Heat Transfer Material



Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 6.48.37 PM

What to do:

Fold your Iron-on material in half (shiny side facing out)

Draw a half of a heart

Cut out

Position on your pillow, and using your Rowenta iron at medium heat, iron over the shiny side.

After ironing the heart evenly for 5 minutes, peel off the clear backing, and let cool.

About DIY expert, Jenni:

Growing up in Wisconsin, Jenni Radosevich was always creating her own style. If she saw something in a magazine that she couldn’t find in her local department store, she would make it herself. Now living in New York, her affinity to “find fashion you love, and do-it-yourself” has manifested itself into a monthly DIY column for InStyle magazine and a blog: She recently released her first book, I Spy DIY Style, will includes 30 new projects inspired by celebrities, runway and vintage looks, with tips and ideas from designers, DIY bloggers, and fashion insiders.

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