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DIY No Sew T-Shirt Cowl and Little Girl’s Fashion Shirt

My hubby went through his clothes and when I saw the pile of shirts he was getting rid of, I got all excited. My brain processes differently than most, so I saw a pile of fabric instead of a pile of old shirts.

I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands, so I just did a quick project that was super easy with swift results.

You Will Need:

Large T-Shirt


Grab a large t-shirt, the larger the better. Lay it flat on a table. Using fabric scissors, cut a straight line across the shirt right beneath the arms. Next cut the seam off the bottom of the shirt. Take the middle piece and using your arms {or legs} stretch it out as far as you can. Say hello to your new infinity scarf/cowl!!! I already cut up a few shirts and stretched the heck out of them before I decided to take a “how to” pic, so, excuse the polo collar… even though it still makes a wonderfully fantastic cowl.


My 9yo decided it would be funny to try on the top remnant of the shirt and Oh. My. Gosh. did it look cute!

She’s already worn the one pictured, as well as a black and grey one, to school and has gotten lots of compliments!

Who knew fashion could be so easy?

Today’s guest post is brought to us by Kellie. According to her, she is a chai drinker, scotch tape smeller, wife to my favorite, foodie girl, loving mother, creative genius wannabe. She also adores all things fall/Christmas, is intrigued by accents of all kinds and secretly wants a finger mustache tattoo. (me too!) Last but not least, Kellie is the brains behind kid foodie site: Little Nummies.


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  • ThisLife


  • Jessica

    I love this and want to try..

  • Kat Harvey

    Very cool- can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before!! Thanks!


  • Ktiusuhgee

    I seriously just bought my daughter a pink/grey striped top JUST like that.. your reconstructed t-shirt one looks way better!!!

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