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DIY Paper Mâché Bowls

Paper m ch is such an easy way to create something fun without a lot of materials. This project is a simple one using paper m ch , balloons and some paint!

To make your glue mix, blend together 1/2 C. of flour, 3/4 C. of warm water and 2 Tbsps. of white glue (school glue). You can also use Mod Podge, but this is much cheaper.



Tear a bunch of strips from newspaper in small patches and have them ready to go. I did strips, but the square patches help to keep from having raised areas.

Blow up a balloon and shape it how you want your bowl(s). Rest it upside down inside another bowl or easy to clean item as glue will get on it. Also, lay down some wax paper or newspaper to keep your surface clean as you work.


Dip your strips of paper into the mixture one at a time then gently squeeze the excess glue from the paper. Layer the strips across the bottom of the balloon until you have a nice, thick layer covering every area of your balloon. Work across, then around and create a few layers of paper. You’ll want the bowl to be sturdy enough to hold small items.


(Apparently I forgot to take a photo of the bowl as it was drying. I was too focused on washing my hands!)

Allow it to dry in place for 24-48 hours. Once it is dry, pop the balloon to release the bowl from it. Cut the edge of the bowl with scissors to even it out.

While mine was still a little soft on the bottom, I set a flat, heavy object inside it to help create the flat bottom.


Paint the outside and inside of your bowl. I used white acrylic paint. Then use gold leaf paint to spice up the inside and create a beautiful, contrasting look. Sorry, didn’t think I needed to show a photo while painting.


Here is the finished project! This is something your kids can do as well.





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