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How to Add Some Real Surprise to Your Surprise Party

1, 2, 3… SURPRISE! There is nothing more fun than seeing the look on their face, surrounding by those they love and a party ahead of them! And while they may not be expecting these celebrations, that doesn’t mean the party can be subpar. In fact, the very nature of a suprise party is that it is to surprise and delight the guest of honour, as well as the guests. Think outside of the box and pull of a surprise party that no one will forget.

Make lasting memories

Of course the party will produce memories, but we are talking about lasting memories. That’s right – tangibles! If you want your guests and guest of honour to walk away with a party momento, you need to have instaprinter photo booths.

A standard photo booth is alway popular, and the strips sit proudly on fridges and workstations. However, an instaprinter photo booth means they will also be posting the moments form the party on their channels, which will be shared with thousands and immortalised forever. They also look very on trend and are quite compact, so they will fit in at any environment.

Everyone loves a theme

Mexican, 80’s, disco – the themes are endless and all the more likely to surprise the guest of honour. It also allows you to source an outfit for the surprise-ee, which can be a hilarious task in itself. If throwing partis isn’t your forte, let the theme steer your choice in decorations and catering so.

This can take the pressure off and allow you to make easier decisions with less options to deliberate over. Leave some props around the lace that complement the theme so people can get involved, get snapped and make it a night to remember.

Dance it out

Did someone say flashmob? Ok, hear me out. A surprise party will knock the guest of honours socks off, but a flashmob? Well, nothing beats seeing all your friends and family dancing in unison for you. This also gets the guests engaged in the party and gives the night some real talkability.

As for organising it, it can be as simple as sending out a YouTube link to the dance and everyone learning at home and then performing as one on the night. If you don’t think you can quite pull off a flashmob, pump up your playlist with songs that everyone can’t help but jump up and dance to. That’s right. We are talking Thriller, The Macarena, and so many more!

The more the merrier

No one is suggesting this party end up on the news with people spilling out every opening of the house. No. but definitely open up the invite list to work peers, family and friends of the guest of honour.

Sometimes, when we throw our own parties, there is some host anxiety and we don’t invite those we want there because of social groups and stupid politics. But when you are throwing a party for them? Tap into the work mates they always mention, the cousins they love but you haven’t met yet – all those key people that will make their party a real surprise!


Planning a party for someone you love is an amazing feeling, and a suprise party is just as exciting as it gets. The hardest part can actually be keeping it quiet! Make it a night that has lasting memories in photos and on social media, go all out with a theme, and get all their nearest and dearest up on their feet and dancing in a flashmob.


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