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DIY Ombre’ Painted Basket

Give an ordinary woven basket a facelift with paint. It’s an easy project that lets you organize craft supplies or other odds and ends in style.

1-1/2-in angle sash paintbrush

Painter’s tape

Step 1
Choose three shades of paint. Apply the darkest color (we used Monterey Bay Teal) to the bottom braid and the bottom edge on all four sides of the basket with an angled paint brush. Let dry.

Step 2
On the braid above the bottom one, paint the medium color (we used Exotic Sea) on all four sides and let dry.

Step 3
On the third-highest braid, paint the lightest color (we used Rapids) on all four sides and let dry.

Good to Know

If painting multiple baskets, paint the darkest color on each basket before moving on the second-darkest color. Next, paint the medium color on the baskets before moving on to the lightest color. Allow the baskets to dry completely between colors.


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