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DIY Painted Lampshade

Turn a plain white lampshade into a burst of color that brightens a room even after you switch off the light.

Painter’s tape
1″ foam brush

Drum lamp shade
Acrylic ball lamp base

You can vary the number, size, and spacing of stripes to get the look you like. You can also use this technique on any size shade. These directions will help you create the design shown.

Step 1
Draw a faint pencil line 1/2″ from the edge of the top and bottom. Then mark the 4″-wide band at the center.

Good to Know

For an easy way to mark even bands, place the shade on a protective piece of plain paper on a flat surface. Stack books or magazines and rest a pencil flat on the stack with the point over the edge at the height you want the band. Rotate the shade with the pencil tip lightly touching the surface. Change the stack height and repeat for additional band marks.

Step 2
Apply painter’s tape along the pencil mark. The tape will crimp because of the taper of the shade. When it crimps along the pencil line, use short strips and press the crimps flat against the shade to keep paint from seeping under the tape edge.

Step 3
Using a 1″ foam brush, paint up to the tape for the first stripe. Repeat for the remaining stripes. Once the surface of the paint is dry, remove the tape and let dry overnight. Then erase any visible pencil lines and attach the shade to the lamp.

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