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“DIY Wooden Napkin Ring”

This might just be one of our easiest DIYs yet!

All you need is:

  • wooden napking rings from Hobby Lobby
  • paint (I used one of our wall paints, but you can probably use acrylic)
  • steel wool pads
  • vinegar
  • mason jar

First, to create the aged look, put a few steel wool pads in a mason jar and fill it to the top with vinegar. Cover and let it sit for a few days.

While you are waiting on that, go ahead and paint your napkin rings white. Once they are thoroughly dry, use a fine grit sanding block (or paper) and scuff it up in areas all over. Once a few days has passed, dab a clean, lint-free cloth in the mixture and lightly dab the scuffed areas with the mixture then wipe away with a clean area of the cloth. It will darken and create that aged look. 

Thats it!

I also made the cloth napkins by cutting it 20″ X 20″ then ironing each end at 1/4 inch seam and turned under twice to create a finished edge.

For a Valentine’s Day themed ring, place a shiny gold heart sticker on the ring for a cute look!






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