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Energy-Boosting Breakfast Smoothie: Oatmeal, Grapefruit & Berries

Grapefruit is amazing. Consuming fruit and vegetables high in water content, such as grapefruit, can help you feel full and satisfied. Grapefruit/grapefruit juice provides a boost of natural energy, making them the perfect choice to start your day. Try this breakfast smoothie to give you the energy-boost you need.


1/4 cup rolled oats

1 cup 100% Florida grapefruit juice

1 container (6 ounces) Greek plain low-fat yogurt*

1/2 cup frozen unsweetened mixed berries

1 tablespoon honey or 100% maple syrup


Pulse oats in blender until powdery. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.

*Vegan: Use soy or coconut yogurt.

Makes 1 serving

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