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Fall/Winter 2013 Beauty Trends

Labor day weekend has ended; New York is brewing with busy for the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It can all only mean one thing- summer is officially over and we are headed into the fall/winter season. Be ahead of the game by discovering the season’s top trends with beautypress.

It’s all about the eyes it seems this season. Metallic eye shadows in plum, turquoise, and crimson should live on your lids when getting ready for an autumn night out. Just don’t take your eyes too far, the trend this season seems to be picking one way to highlight the eyes whether shadow or eyeliner, but never both. If you must do both then keep the eyeliner thin and in a brown shade preferred to create a more natural definition.

If your eye of choice is just eyeliner then go bold and graphic. Get creative and blot liner on the bottom lashes leaving space in between. Extend the eyeliner wing this season to create drama. Use bold straight lines instead of a curved wing for a futuristic effect.

As far as your face goes, keep it matte. We figure that would be easy to do since in the colder months the hot sun isn’t around to illuminate our face with the sheen of oil. While this is true there are still precautions to take to ensure skin stays matte all day long. First, look into applying your foundation with a sponge. In particularly the Beauty Blender sponges are designed to give you that matte, smooth finish to your skin.

Use an oil-free foundation to make sure that oil is as far from your face as possible. This season is a great time to pick up a make-up finishing powder. These cosmetic powders finish skin to a porcelain effect that will seal the deal to matte skin. Do remember to contour your face with highlighter and a bit of bronzer to avoid taking the vamp-trend too literal.

Let’s talk lips now, this season more then ever is all about the dark lip. Ranging from bright reds to deep rose shades to wine stained and even purple plum lips these seasons are anything but shy. No more nude lip for this season- instead go for a dark tan color with a satin finish.

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